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  • Daily Practice

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    7.53 billion people

    world population

    $75 Trillion

    global GDP


    minutes in a day

    80 years

    average lifespan of a human


    who makes a positive difference?

  • Supporting Doers & Dreamers

    Supporting dreamers and doers at the intersection of community,
    social justice, and technology.

    Coders, innovators, builders, founders, and entrepreneurs
    make a positive difference.

    Long-Term GOALS

    People who make a positive difference over the long term require a sense of mission, vision, and shared values.


    We achieve more when we break big overall goals down into measurable daily activities.


    celebrate differences
    seek unity within diversity
    cultivate strength
    focus on health and wellbeing


    Build your community

    We learn and grow from our circles. Connect and create alongside others in your community.


    Understand others

    Treat others as you wish to be treated, and practice empathy and understanding for other's lived experiences.


    We're better together

    Cross-border, cross-cultural collaboration leads to world-changing results. Connect with other changemakers to achieve global change.


    Think bigger.

    Shine your light so others may shine theirs. Be brave and dream up bold solutions to help solve the world's pressing problems.

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